Is ethical or recycled gold the same as normal gold?

Yes. There is actually no such thing as ‘old’ gold – when vintage jewellery is melted down and refined to remove impurities, what is left is gold, pure and simple. The same as it was when it first came out of the ground.
As for ethical gold, the only difference is that the miners who panned or mined for the gold receive a fair price for their efforts. The communities who rely on the gold mine/alluvial gold fields profit from the sale of the gold and recieve assistance from government and NGO’s to set up educational and social projects and the environment surrounding the mine benefits from the lack of harsh chemicals used and the strict water recycling system.

Can I get one of the rings from your gallery?

All of the designs can be replicated to suit your own particular tastes. If, for example, you like one of the rings in the gallery but would prefer a diamond to an emerald, that’s no problem. As each of the rings are bespoke i.e they are made specifically for you, each ring will be unique.

Is it much more expensive to have your ring custom made?

Not necessarily. Obviously compared to mass produced, offshore manufactured engagement and wedding rings - yes a bespoke, hand-made ring will be more expensive. However, comparing like for like, a custom designed ring should cost you no more than a ring in a reputable jewellers. Often bespoke jewellers will be smaller operators who don't have to cover the high overheads of multiple outlets, employees, bills etc and so can pass on these savings to customers.


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